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July 14th, 2023

In the throes of the 2008 financial crisis, I found myself orchestrating public relations at a luxury golf resort in Miami, Florida. The resort had just unveiled a $150 million revamp, featuring an exclusive Michael Mina steakhouse, a high-end spa, dual reimagined Raymond Floyd golf courses, and rejuvenated guest accommodations. However, when an economic slump strikes, discretionary spending is often impacted. People dine out less and curtail their travel plans. This scenario demanded a strategic contingency plan.

I devised an appendage to our public relations and marketing strategy that incorporated inventive maneuvers to maintain our resort’s prominence and entice guests. An illustrative case in point was our B.F.F. (Backrubs, Facials & Foot scrubs) Spa Night initiative, a budget-friendly happy hour designed to offer stress relief to spa enthusiasts while simultaneously luring them into our newly refurbished spa. B.F.F. Spa Night not only generated significant media attention but also resulted in a waiting list each month. Most crucially, this initiative led to repeat visitations and the booking of spa packages, proving a successful strategic pivot in challenging times.

During our over two decades of managing public relations and marketing for diverse lifestyle brands, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations, we have honed our expertise in steering our clients through economic downturns, crises, and business disruptions brought on by adverse weather or seasonal changes. As whispers of another impending recession reverberate through the U.S., it’s a reminder that we can’t predict the timing or likelihood of such events. Yet, regardless of whether a recession is on the horizon, having a resilient public relations and marketing strategy as a backup always makes good business sense.

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Rachel Pinzur