Case Studies

Surfside, Florida: A Renaissance Fueled by Pinzur Communications


Surfside, a small oceanfront destination in South Florida, was undergoing a significant transformation but remained largely unknown to the press and even to some locals. Pinzur Communications was tasked with generating press exposure for the town and securing influencers to experience and share the destination. Our efforts led to a substantial increase in awareness, with 358 media placements, an estimated 6.2 billion coverage views, and 70,200 social shares.



Surfside was evolving into a family-friendly destination, but this renaissance was not being recognized by the public. The challenge for our agency was to create awareness of the changes taking place and encourage the press and influencers to visit and share their experiences.


After conducting extensive research on local perceptions of Surfside, we developed a comprehensive PR plan focused on changing the mindset of locals and generating global press coverage. Our strategy centered around:

• Showcasing recent developments, such as the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club, Residence Inn, Fendi Chateau, and new shops and restaurants along Harding Avenue.

• Highlighting Surfside’s history and assets, as well as engaging local personalities like Jessica Levison and former Mayor Daniel Dietch.

• Establishing partnerships with local businesses and incorporating unique experiences into our media tours.



Our campaign successfully increased awareness and appreciation for Surfside as a premier travel destination:

  1. 358 media placements across various channels, including local, national, and international outlets.

  2. An estimated 6.2 billion coverage views, demonstrating the wide reach of our campaign.

  3. Online readership of 1.7 billion, emphasizing the global interest generated.

  4. Over 70,200 social shares, reflecting strong engagement from influencers and the public.



By strategically leveraging Surfside’s unique features, personalities, and recent developments, Pinzur Communications effectively increased awareness and transformed perceptions of the town. Our efforts helped to position Surfside as a desirable travel destination and contributed to the ongoing success of its renaissance.

Illuminating Jungle Island’s Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival with Pinzur Communications


Jungle Island, a renowned Miami attraction, introduced a new seasonal nighttime event, the Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival, targeting a diverse audience, including couples and millennials. Facing the challenge of overcoming public perception that the park was closed due to Hurricane Irma and competition from other city events, Pinzur Communications executed a strategic media relations, influencer, and grassroots marketing campaign, achieving exceptional results.


The primary challenges faced by Jungle Island included:

• Changing the public perception that the park remained closed after Hurricane Irma.

• Promoting Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival amidst competition from other nightlife and light events in Miami.


Pinzur Communications employed a multi-faceted approach to address these challenges:

• Identifying key objectives for Luminosa and developing a comprehensive communications plan, including target audiences, media, pitch angles, and partnership opportunities.

• Hosting an exclusive preview of Luminosa for members of the press, influencers, hotel concierges, and local business leaders, generating buzz before the event’s public opening.

• Collaborating with influencers to promote ticket contests and share discount promo codes on social media platforms.


Our campaign successfully generated awareness and enthusiasm for Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival:

  1. 1.4 billion media impressions, including coverage in the Associated Press, USA Today, Travel + Leisure, People, El Nuevo Herald, NBC 6, and Telemundo.

  2. 245 media placements, emphasizing the wide reach of our campaign.

  3. Publicity value of $25.8 million, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategic approach.

  4. Record attendance of over 84,000 visitors, surpassing Jungle Island’s expectations.


Pinzur Communications’ strategic media relations, influencer, and grassroots marketing campaign played a pivotal role in the success of Jungle Island’s Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival. By addressing the challenges head-on and utilizing a multi-faceted approach, we transformed public perception and generated exceptional results, positioning Luminosa as a must-attend event in Miami.

Turning The Wynwood Yard into A Beloved Miami Destination


At first glance, The Wynwood Yard was an unattractive lot full of rocks on an unnoticed Wynwood street, furnished with repurposed materials. However, through a combination of storytelling, strategic media relations, and influencer campaigns, Pinzur Communications helped transform The Wynwood Yard into Miami’s first outdoor food hall and a vibrant live music and events venue, drawing visitors and celebrities, and enhancing its revenue significantly.


The initial challenges included:

• Getting buy-in and support for the vision of what The Wynwood Yard would become

• Guiding the business through the Zika crisis, maintaining transparency, and ensuring a strong comeback.


Pinzur Communications took a multi-faceted approach:

• Through our storytelling and strategic communication, we presented The Wynwood Yard as a unique, must-visit outdoor food hall and music venue.

• We coordinated influencer campaigns, making The Wynwood Yard a magnet for influential figures and musicians including Shakira and Chris Martin.

• During the Zika crisis, we supported The Wynwood Yard with transparency and flexibility, ensuring the business bounced back stronger than ever.


Our campaign transformed The Wynwood Yard’s image and boosted its revenue:

  1. 406 media placements, showcasing The Wynwood Yard’s story across various media outlets.

  2. 2.47 billion online readership and 4.51 million coverage views, demonstrating the wide reach of our campaign.

  3. 61,000 social shares and 2.69K YouTube views, reflecting the significant engagement from the audience.

  4. A substantial 163% increase in revenue over 2 years, from 2016 to 2018, evidencing the financial success of our strategy.


Pinzur Communications successfully launched The Wynwood Yard, transforming it from an overlooked lot into a beloved destination for locals, tourists, and celebrities. Our strategic communication, media relations, and influencer campaigns helped navigate the business through crisis and significantly increased its revenue, establishing it as Miami’s premier outdoor food hall and live music venue.