10 Tips to Nail Your TV Interview: Lights, Camera, Action!

June 6th, 2023

Picture this: You’re seconds away from going live on national television, on the verge of broadcasting your brand’s story to millions. The adrenaline rush is undeniable and nerve-wracking, right? Here at Pinzur Communications, we have honed the skill of commanding the spotlight during TV interviews.

We’re delighted to provide you with our top 10 tips, straight from our media training toolkit, crafted to help you confidently navigate your interviews, every single time. To illustrate our points more vividly, we’ll use Treetop Trekking in Miami as a real-world example throughout our tips.

1. Identify Your Top 3 Key Messages

Before you set foot in front of the camera, identify the top three messages you want to get across about your business or organization. Make them as exhilarating, for example, as zip-lining through the lush Miami landscape! Weave these messages subtly yet strategically into your conversation, and voilà, you’ve mastered your key message delivery.

2. Do Your Homework

Preparation is crucial. Just as you would scout a new treetop course, investigate the show’s format, style, and tone. Check out similar segments and get a feel for the show’s format and interview style.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Just like practicing your treetop maneuvers, rehearsing for your TV interview ahead of time ensures you deliver your message confidently and effectively. This doesn’t mean memorizing a script but instead being comfortable with your key messages and being able to deliver them confidently.

4. Know Your Audience

Different shows and networks have different audiences, and you should adapt your interview based on who you’ll be speaking to. What do they care about? What will resonate with them?

5. Give a Sense of Place

When you’re zip-lining high above Miami, the view is unmissable. Similarly, don’t forget to mention your company’s name and location during your interview (i.e., Treetop Trekking in Miami), especially national broadcasts. This provides viewers with a sense of place, giving them context about your brand and local pride.

6. Master Positive Body Language

Your posture and facial expressions can make or break your performance. Stand tall and confident, just like a proud treetop trekker! And don’t forget to SMILE…unless you’re delivering somber news that demands a more appropriate tone.

7. Stay Engaged and Enthusiastic

Keeping the conversation exciting and energetic can captivate viewers. Fill any potential silence with exciting stories, interesting facts, or upcoming events.

8. Go with the Flow

An engaging conversation should be a two-way street. Stay engaged with the host and respond to their cues, but don’t talk over them.

9. Maintain Eye Contact

Remember to look at the host, not the camera and maintain eye contact, just like you would in regular conversation with a customer. This keeps the exchange more personal and engaging for the viewers.

10. Be Mindful of Your Microphone

Never forget, your microphone might still be on, even when you’re off the air. It’s a good rule of thumb to assume the mic is always on to prevent any inadvertent comments from being broadcasted.

TV interviews may seem daunting, but with preparation and practice, they’re an excellent opportunity to increase your brand’s exposure. Use these tips from the experts at Pinzur Communications to make your next interview a huge success!